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Dear Dr Barnado,


I am really grateful for being the Ragged school because if I wouldn't be here, in this school. I would be working instead of getting educated which I wouldn't recommend.


Thank you for providing us with food and giving us a chance to get educated. This education will help us earn a good life. Thank you for a better life.


Today my friend Robert got caned by miss Pool for putting his elbow on the table. After that Emma started fidgeting and had to wear the knuckle holder. I just can't stand my friends getting punished, when they get hurt, I feel hurt aswell.


While we were copying the alphabet , Edward got a question wrong and had to wear the Dunce hat. While the kids were all laughing at him I was giving him comfort because I was feeling bad for him.


Finally it was time for lunch, since it was my first day I didn't know how big the lunch hall was. It was realy small. More than half of the children had nowhere to sit. But we are very lucky to be eating something, somewhere instead of eating bread crumbs on the street.

We used a pigs bladder to make a football. It was kind of squishy.

After lunch we were learning how to speak and write latin it was really fun.


Dr Barnado we respect you alot but I just have one suggestion to make. It is ok if you don't accept it but i'm going say it anyway.

so here goes...

I would just like to say that can you please cancel all the punishments because i don't like seeing myself or anybody else in pain.


Yours Sincerely Daisy Parker (a ragged school student) 


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K5 said

at 9:48 am on Apr 3, 2009

capital letters fatima! i did not expect this of you!

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